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All the gear I use and can recommend. ----- Disclaimer: I may make a commission off links used on this page.

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Cameras & Lenses

Sony A7RII

A high resolution 42.4MP full frame sensor in a lightweight and durable body. The A7R line from Sony is the ideal choice for the highest quality still images. This model is now discounted but the new A7RV is an improved and even better option now.

  • Portraits
  • Weddings
  • Landscapes
Price: $4,999 AUD

Sony 16-35 F4 Zeiss

Excellent lens for landscapes and vlogging. This ultrawide lens is the one that I have on my camera upwards of 80% of the time. For an ultrawide this is quite light and compact compared to most, perfect for when your traveling or hiking to your photo spot.

  • Landscapes
  • Travel
  • Versatile
Price: $1,299 AUD

Sony 85mm F1.8

The ideal portrait length prime lens. Super sharp while being compact, lightweight and affordable. Pair this with a 70-200 and you will have all your portraiture needs covered.

  • Portraits
  • Low Light
  • Bokeh
Price: $849 AUD

Sony 70-200 F4 G

A staple in every photographer’s backpack. The 70-200 is a versatile beast. Capture creamy background portraits and vast landscapes with this sharp and rugged beast. The F4 version is my pick for the portability of it while traveling. Most of my telephoto shots are going to be in good light so F4 has been more than fast enough for me. Consider the F2.8 version if portraiture is your primary use or you require more low light capability.

  • Telephoto
  • Portraiture
  • Landscapes
  • Travel
Price: $1,999

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone

The Mini 3 Pro checks almost every box. It’s extremely small and lightweight, making it easier to carry around and legal to fly in many places with little or no red tape. It has great image quality straight out of camera, and 10-bit D-Cinelike support if you care to grade your footage manually.

  • Landscapes
  • Travel
  • Video
Price: $1,299


Tenba Axis V2 24L

This is now my go to camera backpack for when I am traveling with my gear. It is large enough to hold all of my gear with space leftover for a change of clothes, food or anything else you might need on a long flight. It also has great padding and support for when your hiking to those difficult photo spots.

  • Holds multiple cameras and lenses
  • Top, side and rear camera access
  • Trolley strap for securing to luggage
  • Reversible rain cover
Price: $349 AUD

Brevite Jumper

My everyday backpack for when I am getting around the city and only need to carry one camera and a couple of lenses. The Brevite Jumper is a light weight yet full featured camera backpack that has the added bonus of not looking like a typical professional camera backpack. Comes in two sizes.

  • Lightweight
  • Side and front camera access
  • Trolley strap for securing to luggage
  • Reversible rain cover
Price: $349 AUD


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